Advertising Laser Cutting Machine

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Advertising Laser Cutting Machine

YH-G1612advertising laser cutting machine adopts integral steel structure and is equipped with high speed step motor and high precision linear guide ensure high accuracy while high speed cutting. High precision ball screw system also improves the machine stability.Special design can make it convenient to collect and discard waste materials and improve efficiency. And automatic gas control system can start and stop working automatically according to the software, thus saving much energy.

Technical Parameters
Laser Power 80W/100W/120W/130W/150W CO2 laser tube or metal tube
Cutting Speed ≤18000mm/min
Worktable Size 1600×1200mm
Location Precision ±0.01mm
Electrical Controlled Worktable Speed ≤300mm/s
Total Power ≤1250W
Engraving Speed ≤1000mm/s
Engraving size 1556×1110mm
Minimum Shaping Character Chinese Character 3.5mm, letter 2.5mm
Graphic Format AI, BMP, PLT, DXF, DST
Power Supply AC 220V±10%, 50HZ
Dimensions 2020×1690×1035mm

Water cooling machine can make sure the laser cutting machine can work under high power conditions for a long time. Special siren system can protect the laser tube from damages caused by incorrect human operations. And our advertising laser cutting machine is widely used in many industries such as garment, leather, cloth toy, computer embroidery and clipping, electronics, handcraft, advertisement decoration, building upholster, package, printing, paper products, etc.

Our YH-G1612 advertising laser cutting machine is an ideal commercial laser cutter for its high cutting speed up to 18000mm/min. In order to meet the different requirements of customers, our company offers different customized accessories, such as movable working table, according to different products. And different laser tubes and worktables of different sizes also can be provided to satisfy customers as much as possible.

Laserworld is a China-based advertising laser cutting machine manufacturer and supplier. Our company also provides large format laser engraving machine, CCD laser cutting machine, metal plasma cutter, glass tube laser marking machine, and more.

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