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With the rapid development of industrial division, traditional manual manufacturing and machine manufacturing cannot improve product finish quality due to the limitation of technology, thus reducing economy efficiency. Laser engraving machine has many advantages such as low noise and dust while working, high cutting speed and cutting precision as well as little waste and high efficiency. Even though laser engraving machine price is higher than traditional engraving machines, laser engraving machine is now gradually becoming the top priority in different industries because its high quality cutting and low flaw rate can add much competitiveness and value.

Beijing Laserworld Import&Export Co., Ltd. develops a series of high quality laser engraving machines to meet different requirements of customers from all industries. There are many types of laser engraving machines such as YH-G5030, YH-G8050, YH-G9060, YH-G1612 and YH-G1616. YH-G1490 is used in large format material engraving. YH-G9060 is used in leather engraving. Stone laser engraving cutting machine is mainly used in stone engraving and YH-G5030 is suitable for non-metal material engraving. All these 4 types of laser engraving machines are equipped with special automatic purging system and provide a good working environment for workers. And the total power is less than 1250w and they all are energy saving products. AI, BMP, PLT, DXF, DST format files can be used to produce satisfactory products without mold. Our laser engraving machine is mainly used for non-metal material engraving. And cylindrical and other irregular shaped products can be produced if a rotary device is adopted.

Laserworld is an experienced laser engraving machine manufacturer in China. We provide various types of products such as stone laser engraving cutting machine, fiber laser marking machine, fabric laser cutting machine, and metal plasma cutter.

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  • Laser Seal Engraving MachineYH-Laser seal engraving machine is a new product specially designed for seal engraving. The unique horizontal structure design is more convenient to transport. Our laser seal engraving equipment is widely used in seal, advertisement, art and electronic industry and can cut materials such as organic glass, wood, paper, leather, glass, artificial crystal, plastic, ox horn and other non-metal materials.