Textile Laser Cutting Machine

Textile Laser Cutting Machine

YH-G1490C textile laser cutting machine can cut bigger size material than YH-G1490. Unique crawler-type worktable can ensure continuous engraving and cutting, thus resulting in higher efficiency. And our textile laser cutting equipment is suitable for cutting large format materials such as leather, cloth, paper, organic class, acrylic, wool, plastic and rubber.

Technical Parameters
Laser power 60W, 80W, 100W CO2 glass laser tube
Cutting size 1400×900mm
Cutting speed ≤300mm/s
Engraving speed ≤500mm/s
Repositioning accuracy ±0.01mm
Control system 3 phase asynchronous motor, Built-in off-line control system
Power supply AC220V, 50HZ
Graphic file format AI, BMP, PLT, DXF , DST
Dimensions 1890×1550×1060mm
Working temperature 5-30℃
Working environment humidity 5-95﹪

High precision lead screw transmission system is adopted to achieve high speed engraving and cutting, and has advantages of high cutting precision, smooth cut edge and low cost. Bar-type worktable with wheels can make moving heavy workpiece freely convenient and improves efficiency a lot. Constant light path system can make sure that all laser beam power of different positions is the same to achieve the same cutting quality.

Besides, laser tube is the most important part of the laser cutting machine. In order to extend the laser tube service life, water pump and water cooling system are installed to cool the glass tube and protect laser tube from over high temperature. Also a siren system is adopted to protect the laser tube. In addition, it is to be noted that our textile laser cutting equipment can be fully made use of, when it works under 5 to 30 ℃temperature and 5 to 95% humidity conditions. And our textile laser cutting machine is widely used in cloth, leather, furniture, packaging, printing, decoration, building, paper product and model industries.

As a China-based textile laser cutting machine manufacturer, we provide a comprehensive range of products, including glass laser engraving machine, fiber laser marking machine, large format laser cutting machine and more.

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