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Small sized laser cutting machine cannot meet the requirements of mass production of some large scaled manufacturers. In order to meet the increasing demand of these large format laser cutting equipment, our company incorporates successful experience and undertakes a long term market test, then develops 4 types of fabric laser equipment. Cloth, leather and glass manufacturing industries inevitably have to deal with large format materials cutting. So our specially developed laser cutting machine consists of YH-G1612C, YH-G1490C and YH-G1630 used to cut fabric and leather, and YH-G1630C glass laser engraving machine which is a popular product in glass manufacturing industry.

Our laser cutting equipment is popular in cloth and leather manufacturing for many reasons. First, all 4 types can be controlled automatically by computer, and this means that more design and products can be produced on the same machine. Second, high quality laser beam which can form very small light spot is adopted on our machine, so cutting quality can be pretty high. Third, our laser cutting machine can be used ad industrial fabric cutter, so high degree of automation and high production efficiency can be achieved.

We are a specialized fabric laser cutting machine manufacturer based in China. We offer an extensive line of products, including laser seal engraving machine, laser marking machine, plasma cutting machine, laser engraving machine, and much more.

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