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CCD Laser Cutting Machine

With the increasing competiveness in the market, all kinds of products need unique marks, while traditional cutting processes cannot meet the increasing demand. For example, traditional laser cutting equipment cannot position or it is very difficult to position and this results in low production efficiency.YH-G9060C CCD laser cutting machine can complete cutting different kinds of marks predesigned by users and has advantages of high degree of automation, high cutting speed, narrow cutting seam and convenient operation.

Technical Parameters
Laser power 60W, 80W glass/ metal CO2 laser tube
Cutting size 900×545mm
Cutting speed 0-18000mm/min
Effective single CCD working area 110mm×90mm
Repositioning accuracy ≤±0.1mm
Power supply AC220V±5%/10A/50Hz-60Hz
Control system Off-line control system
Graphic file format AI,BMP,PLT,DXF, DST.
Standard accessories 85w air pump, 100w water pump, 480w fume extractor
Optional accessories Micro air compressor, water chiller

YH-G9060C CCD type, as an intelligent product, is a camera positioning cutting machine. There are two kinds of cameras, common camera of 130 megapixels and high definition camera of 500 megapixels. And advanced DSP technology as well as the latest CCD lens system and software is also adopted to achieve highprecision cutting and engraving. Once the logo is placed on the machine, the camera can take photos of this logo and our product can automatically cut workpiece according to the photo and the software. And this is especially useful for high precision and large format logo and cloth collar cutting.

In addition, high precision ball screw transmission system is adopted to improve machine stability. The professional software also can automatically complete error compensation to achieve high precision cutting. High quality water cooling machine specially designed for laser cutting machines can keep laser tubes working normally and extends the laser tube service life. Automatic purging system can start and stop working according to the software, thus keeping operation staffs healthy and saving much energy at the same time. Due to its enormous advantages, our CCD laser cutting equipment is widely used in individual logo manufacturing, different kinds of embroidery, fabric printing and other non-metal profile CCD cutting applications.

As a specialized CCD laser cutting machine manufacturer and supplier in China, Laserworld also offers laser engraving machine, fabric laser cutting machine, laser marking machine, plasma cutting machine, and much more.

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