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Laser marking machine is mainly used to engraving marks on metal and non-metal material surface. By vaporizing workpiece surface material by means of laser beam energy, different marks can be produced. Our product consists of portable type, fiber type, glass tube type and RF type.

In order to meet different customers' requirements, Beijing Laserworld Import&Export Co., Ltd. develops a series of laser marking equipment. YH-portable laser marking machine is convenient to move and complete marking in small and middle sized companies. YH-fiber type is equipped with a long service life laser tube and can work continuously to improve efficiency. YH-CO2 glass tube type is ideal for marking non-metal materials. YH-CO2 RF type even can be used as a cutting machine when a 100w laser tube is adopted. Laser marking machine is a very good choice in terms of economy and marking quality.

But what should be considered when you are going to buy a laser marking equipment? First, a suitable laser tube should be used according to the workpiece material. The laser beam energy should be big enough because this determines the marking speed and quality. While too high power also waste energy. Second, a laser marking cutter should have high reliability and can work continuously under harsh industrial conditions. Third, it should be easy to operate this kind of machine. Function buttons should be clear and incorrect operations can be prevented to protect laser tube from breaking down.

Laserworld is a professional laser marking machine manufacturer in China. We also offer plasma cutting machine, laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser seal engraving machine, and more.

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