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Industrial Plasma Cutting Machine

YH-G1325 industrial plasma cutting machine is a CNC plasma cutting equipment specially designed for cutting cold and hot rolled steel plate, aluminum plate, copper plate, stainless steel plate, Titanium plate and other conductive metal. And this machine is widely used in advertisement marking, automobile manufacturing, ship building, electric appliances, decoration, plate cutting and other industries.

Technical Parameters
Plasma power 40A, 60A, 100A Chinese plasma power, American Thermadyne and Hypertherm
Cutting thickness Dependent on the plasma power
Standard Air pressure 65-75psi/4.5-5.2bar
Maximum air pressure 125psi/8.6bar
Effective cutting area 1200×2400mm
Lancing ≤1mm
Cutting accuracy ≤0.05mm
Repositioning accuracy ≤0.05mm
Maximum cutting speed 15000mm/min
Return speed 22000mm/min
Worktable size 1320×2700mm
Arc initiating way High frequency and high voltage spark is used
Motor Step motor
Nozzle and electrode service life 1000 times of arc initiating
Power supply 3 phase AC380V, 50HZ
Maximum current allowed 30A
Total power 9000W
Dimensions 2900×1820×1230mm

YH-G1325 industrial plasma cutting machine mainly consists of transmission system, frame, plasma power, air compressor, air filter, nozzle and electrode. It is equipped with DSP numerical control system and also can work normally and continuously under the command of off-line control system. Different kinds of software such as CorelDraw, AutoCAD can be used to make design more convenient. Infrared positioner ensures high repositioning accuracy and cutting precision .High quality linear guides and double sliding blocks are adopted to improve machine stability and cutting accuracy. Auto discharging device is used to discharge waste materials automatically and auto purging system ensures a health environment for workers.

In addition, American Thermadyne and Hypertherm are also optional except Chinese plasma power. Other systems such as servo system, transmission system, dust collector as well as original cutting software can be provided. As a successful industrial plasma cutting machine, YH-G1325 can cut 0.5 to 6mm thick metal plate at the cutting speed of 22m/min and cut common carbon steel plate at the speed which can be up to 15m/min. By improving the industrial plasma technology, YH-G1325 can cut thin metal sheet without deformation and has advantages such as high precision, high efficiency and neat finished product over other plasma cutting machines. While it is to be noted that only trained staffs are allowed to operate this machine, protective equipment should be available to prevent potential risks, and professional fire-fighting equipment should be available.

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