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Metal Plasma Cutter

YH-G1330 metal plasma cutter is mainly used to cut galvanized sheet, coating aluminum plate, stainless steel, Titanium plate and other metal sheet, and has advantages of high precision cutting, small cutting width and good metallic luster.

Technical Parameters
Model YH-G1330
Plasma power 40A/60A/100A domestic power supply or imported Cutmaster power supply or imported Hypertherm power supply (optional)
Plasma gas air
Effective cutting size 1200x2800mm
Cutting thickness 0.5-3-6 (mm)
Cutting width ≤1mm
Maximum cutting speed 12000mm/min
Cutting accuracy ≤0.05mm
Repositioning accuracy ≤0.05mm
Return speed 22000mm/min
Arc initiating way High frequency and high voltage
Nozzle and electrodeservice life 1000 times arc initiating
Motor Step motor
Data interface USB
Memory card 128M
Computer screen Chinese and English can be displayed on the LCD
Worktable size 1320×3298mm
Power supply 3 phase AC380V50Hz
Standard air pressure 65-75psi/4.5-5.2bar
Maximum air pressure 125psi/8.6bar
Total power 9kW
Maximum current allowed 30A
Dimensions 3498×1820×1230mm

YH-G1330 metal plasma cutter mainly consists of transmission system, frame, plasma power, air compressor, air filter, nozzle and electrode. Advanced DSP numerical control system is installed and our metal plasma cutting machine can work normally and continuously under the command of off-line control system. Different kinds of software such as autoCAD and CorelDRAW can be used to make design more convenient. High quality linear guides and double sliding blocks are adopted to improve machine stability and cutting accuracy. Its stable structure also ensures that metal plasma cutting machine can move and cut at high speed. Large worktable ensures that 2.8m long and 1.2 wide materials can be cut on this machine.

In addition, our metal plasma cutting machine can completer high precision cutting and make most full use of raw materials due to its small cutting width. By improving the metal plasma technology and removing molten metal immediately, original metallic luster can be sustained. Our metal plasma cutting machine is widely used in advertisement marking, automobile manufacturing, ship building, electric appliances, decoration, plate cutting and other industries. Our company can provide customers all over the world with the best quality metal plasma cutting equipment at a reasonable price. We sincerely hope to cooperate with customers around the world and please contact us if you are interested in our product.

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