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Plasma cutting machine can produce high temperature plasma arc, the heat produced by high temperature plasma arc can melt and vaporize some metal, and the molten metal can be removed by the momentum of high speed plasma. And the whole process can be controlled by numerical control system to improve efficiency and accuracy. Actually plasma cutting machine can cut a wider range of materials which can conduct electricity than flame cutting machines, and costs less than laser cutting machines.

Our company develops two kinds of plasma cutting equipment, YH-G1325 and YH-G1330. The plasma power determines the cutting thickness and all our plasma cutting machines are equipped with Chinese plasma power. But plasma power from American Thermadyne and Hyperthern also are available if our customers need. 100A plasma power is enough to cut 6mm thick metal and other parameters should be changed according to the requirement. Air pressure determines the projecting speed of plasma arc. Too low air pressure cannot produce high power and high speed plasma arc, resulting to many flaws such as poor cutting quality, while too high air pressure will reduce plasma arc energy and cutting thickness accordingly. Both of our machines we provides has suitable air pressure, 65-75psi, and has advantages of high cutting speed, high cutting quality and saving energy.

Laserworld is a specialized plasma cutting machine manufacturer based in China. Our products include industrial plasma cutting machine, leather laser engraving machine, fiber laser marking machine, fabric laser cutting machine, and more.

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