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Main Products
  • Portable Laser Marking MachineYH portable laser marking machine is equipped with a CO2 RF laser tube which has advantages of convenient maintenance, low cost, long service life and high efficiency. And what is different from other laser engraving equipment is that a high speed scanning system featuring small light spot, large working area and high flexibility is adopted to improve marking efficiency. And our product is suitable for marking non-metal materials such as cloth, leather, bamboo, organic glass, acrylic, wool and paper.
  • Large Format Laser Cutting MachineYH-G1616 large format laser cutting machine is a new product mainly used for large format laser cutting applications. Advanced step motor and linear guide are adopted to ensure high accuracy, and servo motor from Panasonic also can be available if necessary. USB data interface can improve efficiency greatly because data transmission can be done immediately. And our software can transmit data directly with other design software such as AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, thus making design convenient and efficient.