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  • Laser Cutting MachineLaser cutting machine is mainly used to cut different kinds of metal and nonmetal materials. And our company has developed several types of laser cutting equipment such as YH-G5030, YH-G8050, YH-G9060, YH-G1612, YH-G1616 and YH-G1325 to meet the requirements of different material size and thickness cutting applications.
    Flame cutting and plasma cutting technologies are gradually replaced by laser cutting technology in a growing number of applications due to higher cutting accuracy.
  • Laser Engraving MachineWith the rapid development of industrial division, traditional manual manufacturing and machine manufacturing cannot improve product finish quality due to the limitation of technology, thus reducing economy efficiency. Laser engraving machine has many advantages such as low noise and dust while working, high cutting speed and cutting precision as well as little waste and high efficiency. Even though laser engraving machine price is higher than traditional engraving machines...
  • Fabric Laser Cutting MachineSmall sized laser cutting machine cannot meet the requirements of mass production of some large scaled manufacturers. In order to meet the increasing demand of these large format laser cutting equipment, our company incorporates successful experience and undertakes a long term market test, then develops 4 types of fabric laser equipment. Cloth, leather and glass manufacturing industries inevitably have to deal with large format materials cutting.
  • Laser Seal Engraving MachineYH-Laser seal engraving machine is a new product specially designed for seal engraving. The unique horizontal structure design is more convenient to transport. Our laser seal engraving equipment is widely used in seal, advertisement, art and electronic industry and can cut materials such as organic glass, wood, paper, leather, glass, artificial crystal, plastic, ox horn and other non-metal materials.
  • CCD Laser Cutting MachineFor example, traditional laser cutting equipment cannot position or it is very difficult to position and this results in low production efficiency.YH-G9060C CCD laser cutting machine can complete cutting different kinds of marks predesigned by users and has advantages of high degree of automation, high cutting speed, narrow cutting seam and convenient operation.
  • Portable Laser Marking MachineYH portable laser marking machine is equipped with a CO2 RF laser tube which has advantages of convenient maintenance, low cost, long service life and high efficiency. And what is different from other laser engraving equipment is that a high speed scanning system featuring small light spot, large working area and high flexibility is adopted to improve marking efficiency. And our product is suitable for marking non-metal materials such as cloth, leather, bamboo, organic glass, acrylic, wool and paper.
  • Fiber Laser Marking MachineFiber laser marking machine is an advanced laser making equipment which has advantages of high quality laser beam, small volume, high marking speed and convenient maintenance, and is more convenient to install and has a longer service life than other CO2 type.
  • Glass Tube Laser Marking MachineYH-CO2 glass tube laser marking machine is the best cost performance laser marking equipment in the market. It can mark on non-metal materials such as cloth, leather, bamboo, organic glass, paper, and also can be used as industrial laser marking machine, produce clear letter, symbol and pictures on metal materials.
  • RF Laser Marking MachineYH-CO2 laser marking machine is a cost effective laser marking equipment equipped with high quality American RF laser tube and has advantages of a long service life, reliable performance, high efficiency and low maintenance cost. It is suitable for marking materials such as cloth, leather, bamboo, organic glass, acrylic, wool, paper and other non-metal materials.
  • Industrial Plasma Cutting MachineYH-G1325 industrial plasma cutting machine is a CNC plasma cutting equipment specially designed for cutting cold and hot rolled steel plate, aluminum plate, copper plate, stainless steel plate, Titanium plate and other conductive metal. And this machine is widely used in advertisement marking, automobile manufacturing, ship building, electric appliances, decoration, plate cutting and other industries.
  • Metal Plasma CutterYH-G1330 metal plasma cutter is mainly used to cut galvanized sheet, coating aluminum plate, stainless steel, Titanium plate and other metal sheet, and has advantages of high precision cutting, small cutting width and good metallic luster.

Beijing LaerworldImport&Export Co, Ltd provides laser marking machine, laser cutting machine, large format laser cutting machine, leather engraving machine, fabric laser cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, laser seal engraving machine, craft laser engraving machine and other laser cutting machines.

Our machine is equipped with an integral control system to make operation convenient for operators. Red light positioner can ensure high precision positioning. Advanced 3 phase step motor and high quality transmission system are installed to improve speed and manufacturing precision. Unique siren system can protect laser tubes from getting too hot and breaking down. Electric controlled worktable makes feeding materials convenient and flexible, thus making our product suitable for engraving and cutting materials of different heights. Flight light path system and high quality linear guides are also adopted to ensure smooth operation and high engraving speed. And rotational device can be available so that cylindrical products can be produced using our machines.

In addition, there are many professional technicians and our employees receive professional training regularly to improve their working skills. Our strict quality test system makes sure that our company can get the qualified and high quality raw materials from suppliers all over the world. And our company tries our best to ensure the best quality products during the whole manufacturing process including development, manufacturing, quality test and raw materials.

Due to excellent performance and enormous advantages of our products, our different kinds of laser marking machines, laser engraving machines and laser cutting machines are widely used in electronics, packaging, automobile, jewelry, textile and cloth, solar energy and other industries.

As to enormous advantages, it is easy for us to see in the following examples.Laser manufacturing technology is widely used in electronics production because manufacturing process can get simplified.Laser can mark production date and relative serial number on different kinds of materials such as PVC, PET, plastic, paper, glass and metal. And this kind of mark is difficult to remove and change, so it is very useful. And laser marking technology has been widely used in packaging industry due to advantages of environment friendly, low cost, high efficiency. Laser manufacturingtechnology such as laser cutting, laser welding and laser marking also are widely used to produce high quality automobile parts and logos. Laser manufacturing technology is now used to cut beautiful diamonds of complicate profiles. And diamonds produced by laser manufacturing technology has advantages of elegance, subtle and environment friendly. Advantages of laser manufacturing technology such as high precision, high speed and high degree of automation can reduce cost of cloth manufacturers and produce better quality clothes.

In addition, silicon slice is widely used in solar energy and semiconductor industry and high quality silicon slice is crucial to us. Laser manufacturing technology is widely used in engraving surface of materials such as silicon slice,polysilicon and germanium and will not damage the material surface. And laser manufacturing technology is getting the increasing popularity in many other industries due to its higher production efficiency.