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Our staffs will provide any consultation on technology and price within 10 hours after our customers submit their questions such as the processing technology on different materials, the relationship between the processing time and the pattern. And we also can send samples and guidebook to customers. We sincerely hope that customers can visit our company and we will try our best to satisfy our customers.

Our company emphasizes fairness and honesty much and will serve our customers as much as we can. We promise that each article in the contract will be implemented strictly and product will be delivered on time. And other services such as installation and staff training will also be provided.

And we promise that we will upgrade software of customers for free from the day on when our customers has signed the contract with us. And different kinds of trainings organized by our company are provided to our customers for free. For customers locating in the area within 300km from our company, room service will be provided within 24 hours if our customers need our technical help. For customers locating in the area beyond 300km from our company, room service will be provided within 72 hours. For overseas customers we will respond within 10 hours and provide solutions within 72 hours.

In addition, our company establishes policies below to serve perfect service.
1. Customer files will be established so that each service can be diligently recorded and filed for the convenient search and analysis of customer information at any given time. So every customer's software can be ungraded on time and other reasonable suggestion can be provided according to the repair times of each customer.
2. Strict quality supervising system is established to make sure our products work normally. Our company will make a phone call to the customer when the customer receives our equipment. After each room service we will call the customer to make sure that our products work well. And we will respond within 24 hours when we receive the customer's request.
3. Our service staffs all have college degrees and have been trained professionally to better satisfy customers. We can promise that each problem put forward by our customers will be responded and solved quickly.
4. Detailed and scientific test criterion and service standard have been established to make sure that each service can be done in order and perfectly.
5. Each communication channel is open and a customer can contact us by phone, email, fax, website forum and other available ways if there is something we can do for you.

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Main Products
  • Large Format Laser Cutting MachineYH-G1616 large format laser cutting machine is a new product mainly used for large format laser cutting applications. Advanced step motor and linear guide are adopted to ensure high accuracy, and servo motor from Panasonic also can be available if necessary. USB data interface can improve efficiency greatly because data transmission can be done immediately. And our software can transmit data directly with other design software such as AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, thus making design convenient and efficient.
  • Large Format Laser Engraving MachineYH-G1490 large format laser engraving machine is a machine designed for large format material engraving. Advanced big power 3 phase step motor and high quality transmission system are adopted to improve engraving speed greatly. Double laser tubes including 60w+80w and 80w+80w also can be used to improve cutting efficiency.